Transkraniyal Doppler (TCD)


ATYS TCDx 22 module vertical 225pxIdeal transcranial Doppler for prolonged recordings especially in non surgical patients

The probe fixation on the patient’s head that looks like a spectacle frame, is lightweight and confortable.

The transcranial Doppler and recorder module is small and battery operated. It is placed in a cross body bag and carried by the patient who remains hands free. The patient can be engaged in normal daily activities.

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Optimized portability

  • The accessories are placed in the dedicated basket
  • The keyboard can be attached to the WAKIe transcranial Doppler
  • The WAKIe transcranial Doppler with all its accessories can be carried with one hand

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lookiAn exceptional design for high performance, high mobility and utmost ergonomy.

M-mode display

With M-mode digital transcranial Doppler, it is easier to find the acoustic window.
It is no longer necessary to guess the depth of the vessel. M-mode display shows where the best signal is.

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